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Before I go into the “ins and outs” of what Onkar Purewal.com is all about, let me ask you a few questions:  Do you own a business?

Do you want to know how to juggle business entrepreneurship and your life at the same time?

Do you often find it difficult to get customers and keep the.

And do you want to hear from a guy who just tells it straight and doesn’t care about conformity and trying to please everyone, even you?

Answered “yes” to any of the above? 

Then you are in the right place.

If you no – then why the hell are you still reading?

And if if you were looking for a takeaway site sorry I run out of kebabs.

Hi My name is Onkar Purewal , I live in Cardiff in the UK. 

I am happily married (thank God I have a brilliant missus) little boy who off is rocker, cool parents, nieces and brother. Family is everything for me.

I have a hotel,

wedding venue,

fish bar,

asian catering company with my family

(yep family businesses and I got loads on that to tell)

a online wedding coaching business, early days with that yet because I can’t seem to get the bastard started on all cylinders but I am nearly their.

I’m I Successful?

Come on I know your thinking “if I’m going to read anything about entrepreneurship then why should I read this dude……. is he successful?

Well it depends on who success who you are comparing me to.

  • If your a seasoned business guy or gal, I am mean like you been around the block a couple times and do multimillion in sales and just pimp it out, then why are the F***K are you still reading this.
  • or you have been around a couple of years doing ok then I have have some tips that can help you, because being OK is NOT OK – unless you said  ok is ok……….OK.
  • And if you are starting a business, then yep I am really successful compared to you in money but everything else I am no more successful (or anyone else in fact) than you.

Money can’t buy the other stuff that really matters and I really believe that. If you don’t believe in that, well your stupid.

I have been heavily involved in creating a business online and offline (basically bricks and morter business) sales, marketing, handling staff and other stuff that come with running a business for over 15 years,

I’m 33 as I right this.

or I could count when I was 6 years when working in my parents Grocery stores, I mean I know how to break up boxes like a pro and other stuff aswell.

I’m still learning, making some success and a lot of failures (I’m not magician you know) In fact I am a pro in knowing not what to do, yeah If they had a degree for that I would have a PHD in it.

If I’m to be honest I care about the people that matter to me, which is my family, my friends,  my customers, employees and my readers, everyone else can go and just……well you get the jist.

I will be marmite (it’s a British paste which is nasty) you either think I am full of BS or think “this guy is cool and has a lot of common sense” either way your call.

I have created this site to help business owners just like you for 2 reasons

1) Because I am a type of bloke that needs to share stuff and get things off my head and If I share that with 1 person or 20,000 people (that would cool) then sweet and my head doesn’t explode, so your doing me a favour. It’s really good to write and it helps me to remind me to do the sames things I tell people to do.

2) Well the crap out their is so, i can’t describe it…..polished is the word I think. There is many who write blogs or websites or guides on how to succeed in business that paint a picture of themselves as the near perfection, Oh please piss off.

I mean you get people saying.

“Hey watch me ride magic carpet and I can you show aswell”

1 –  magic carpets doesn’t exist and 2  – no businesses are alike.

I just want to share you my world view of the actual reality of being a entrepreneur

  •  What works and doesn’t work for my businesses.
  • The principles I live by.
  • Things I learnt.
  • Things I read
  • People I interview to help me and you
  • And thing’s I felt (yeah it’s personal)

If you like the sound of that then sign up here to stay connected with me and let’s help each other (by not letting my head explode) or can connect to me on Twitter Facebook,  or sign up to my when I make a new blog…….. what ever suits you.

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